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First-rate highlighters with a pleasant modern design for the perfect result on any kind of paper.




Discover a multi-coloured world with HIGHLIGHTER STYLE pens and enjoy the use of a unique flat shape with rounded edges that you are guaranteed to fall in love with, whether you need to highlight important passages of a text or just let your imagination run free while drawing.

The flat tip with anti-drying technology guarantees perfect results every time. Its shape is ideal for both highlighting entire lines of text and for more delicate highlighting. By rotating the pen, you can select a line width of 1 - 4.6 mm. The tip is made of durable materials, thanks to which it stays sharp.

Choose from two great collections, FLUO and SOFT. The FLUO collection gives you sharp and radiant colours which are ideal for highlighting passages from a variety of texts. On the other hand, if you're looking for a more subtle, less noticeable colour, you’ll be sure to love the new SOFT edition, which consists of soft pastel colours. Whichever style you prefer, with HIGHLIGHTER STYLE pens, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

  • A unique design

    It’s beautiful flat design with a rounded end will catch the eye at a first glance. The highlighter’s flat tip ensures perfect and simple highlighting. Thanks to a special modification you won’t have to worry about the ink drying up.

  • It fits into every hand

    Thanks to its pleasant-to-the-touch ergonomic design, you will often find yourself just playing with the highlighter. Make highlighting a pleasure.

  • It works on any paper

    HIGHLIGHTER STYLE pens can be used on any kind of paper. Enjoy a perfect result every time without the ink running or smearing.

  • A wide range of colours

    Choose from a wide range of radiant colours in the FLUO highlighter collection, or begin to discover the more delicate pastel shades of Soft highlighters.

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Whether you are looking for a single pen to highlight your notes, or a whole colour set for your artistic projects, you will certainly manage to choose something from our selection. Choose your set and start discovering a beautiful world of colours with our Centropen HIGHLIGHTER STYLE pens.





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